Adoption: Maria’s Story

18: Adoption

Today’s Guest:

Our success story today is Maria. She was diagnosed with endometriosis while undergoing infertility treatments involving Clomid, timed intercourse, and IUI cycles. After six years and two miscarriages, Maria began to consider adoption. She says it was a “freeing” feeling to CHOOSE to be done with fertility treatments.

Maria shares the amazing story of emotional healing that took place when she used “The Law of Attraction” to envision positive things happening in their family. She KNEW that adoption would allow her the opportunity to be a mom. She candidly shares the ups and downs of the adoption process when they chose to pursue an international adoption from Korea. You don’t want to miss the incredible story of the unusual circumstances—the MAGIC, as Maria calls it—that brought their young son to them from Korea.

Words of Hope:

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Whom We’re Following:

We are following the journey of Lara, who was diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA). This is a condition in which the brain doesn’t produce the hormones needed to prompt ovulation. In addition to her diagnosis, her husband was diagnosed with poor morphology and is a Type-1 diabetic. Lara says her husband’s diagnosis was really the “kicker” for them—the point at which they felt overwhelmed and knew this would be a difficult journey.

Lara has made several drastic lifestyle changes to improve her health and fertility, but without success as of yet. She is currently undergoing injections to stimulate her follicles for an upcoming IUI cycle. Lara copes by listening to the success stories of others and being part of a RESOLVE group.



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